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A Language for Creating and Manipulating VRML

Terence J. Parrgif Parr Research Corporation
Timothy F. Rohalygif ORC Incorporated


Documents written in two-dimensional markup languages such as HTML are easy to create with word processor-style editors. Creating VRML[1] documents, however, is complicated by its three-dimensional nature. VRML can be generated from existing 3D graphics editors or new applications can be written specifically for constructing VRML scenes. In this paper, we briefly introduce a prototype interpreted language called IVL (originally developed as a general Open Inventor[15,16] prototyping language) that allows VRML models and scenes to be interactively developed and manipulated with simple English-like descriptions. IVL uses public domain code and can run on a wide variety of platforms---any platform supporting C++ and Open Inventor.

As a demonstration of an application of this language, we describe work on the development of a ``metaverse''[14]---an interactive, multiuser, networked 3D world.

Timothy F. Rohaly
Mon Sep 11 11:59:26 EDT 1995