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Object Attributes

The scale and rotation of any object can be altered by setting the appropriate field. The material properties color can be set for any object. Attributes of an object may be set either before or after the object is referenced; e.g.,

a = Cone
a.diffuseColor = [.2 .35 .4]
a.scaleFactor = [ 1 1 3]
a.rotation = [0 0 1 20]

The following assignments are currently possible for all objects, with the intention of supporting all attributes found in the current version of VRML:

obj.ambientColor = [x y z]
obj.diffuseColor = [x y z]
obj.specularColor = [x y z]
obj.emissiveColor = [x y z]
obj.shininess = value
obj.transparency = value
obj.texture = "filename | URL"
obj.scaleFactor = [x y z]
obj.rotation = [x y z r]

The following assignments are currently possible for text objects only.

obj.string = "string"
obj.font = "fontname"

Timothy F. Rohaly
Terence J. Parr
Mon Sep 11 11:59:26 EDT 1995