nurbs curves and surfaces


This page contains a general set of classes written in Java to represent and manipulate Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS). Also presented is an application of this NURBS package; an implementation of several prototypes for VRML 2.0 NURBS nodes. Please see the README file for more information.

In order to use or view the VRML examples, you need a Java-capable VRML browser. All the examples here were developed using Liquid Reality under Irix 5.3 on an SGI.

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VRML 2.0 Prototypes

VRML 2.0 Prototype Implementations


Version 1.0 of this package appears in the book "Late Night VRML 2.0 with Java", by Roehl, Couch, et al. to be published by Ziff-Davis Press in March of 1997. The javadoc documentation for this package is on-line and is also contained within the source code distribution. For more complete documentation, please buy the book!


Contains all the source code for the NURBS package, the VRML 2.0 prototypes, and their implementation in Java using the NURBS package. Also contains the complete javadoc documentation and numerous examples of using the prototypes.

Curve Examples

Surface Examples
February 25, 1997