vrml translators


Formats supported (the script determines format from the file extension):

Format              File extension    Details, Limitations

Alias wire files    .alias            README
AutoCAD DXF         .dxf              README
AutoDesk 3DStudio   .3ds              README
IGES                .iges or .igs     README
Inventor            .iv
SoftImage           .hrc or .dsc      README
Stereolithography   .sla              README
Wavefront           .obj              README
Please read the credits for details on the translators and for how to get your own copy of the translators.

Before using this form you must ftp your file to ftp.ocnus.com. Be sure to use binary mode for binary files! If you have textures in your file, you must also ftp the texture images in SGI .rgb format into the same area.

Type in the name of the file you wish to translate to VRML format (this should be in the ~ftp/pub/Translate directory at ftp.ocnus.com). The script determines the file type from its extension and performs the appropriate translation, returning the translated file to you.

If you like the results of the translation, or if you have other VRML models you're proud of, please consider adding you own link to our catalog of VRML models.

This could take a few minutes to return to you, depending on the size of your file, the complexity of translation, and the load on the server.

File Name:       

Output Format: VRML Inventor

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January 26, 1996